Caminantes Danza

Dance company

CAMINANTES DANZA was founded with the aim of exploring the essence of human nature through movement, telling compelling stories through the language of dance. 

Rooted in the traditions of flamenco and Spanish dance, their work is enriched by a contemporary perspective. They embrace multidisciplinary elements and continually engage in innovative choreographic and staging experimentation. 

Their creative mission is to take audiences on a transformative journey from the ordinary to the fantastical, from the tangible to the ethereal. Since 2010, their performances have graced stages in Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Japan, and Thailand, thanks to the support and collaboration of esteemed institutions such as INAEM, the Community of Madrid, Madrid City Council, AECID, SGAE Foundation, and Fréderic Mompou Foundation.



Pepa Sanz is a versatile dancer and choreographer with an extensive career as both a performer and in her choreographic work. Over more than two decades, she has been a collaborator in pioneering, audacious, and innovative projects within the realm of Spanish dance and flamenco. As a co-founder of Malucos Danza, she has collaborated with prominent entities including Flamenco XXI Danza, Cruceta Flamenco, I + D Danza, Flamencos en Route, Arrieritos, Ambulantes Teatro, Ricardo Franco, Lola Greco, Carlos Chamorro, Miguel Angel Berna, Eva Moreno, Florencio Campo, and numerous others. Since 2010, she has embarked on her own creative journey with her dance company. Pepa has garnered numerous awards and distinctions throughout her career, including the Unesco Aschberg Bursary for Artist Program in 2005. Her talent has been featured in award-winning choreographies at the Madrid Spanish and Flamenco Choreographic Competition in 1995, 2000, and 2003, and she has been honored with the Artistic Creativity Scholarship from Alcobendas. Recently, Pepa Sanz was honored with the Best Director award at the 2022 Indifest Awards in Santander for her work on “Bendita Rutina.”


José Merino boasts a diverse and extensive career, having been a part of prestigious companies such as Ballet de Madrid with José Granero, Ballet Flamenco Antonio Canales, Ballet Nacional de España, Karinne Saporta, Nuevo Ballet Español, Flamenco XXI Danza, Malucos Danza, Extremus Danza, Human Dance Project, and Flamencos en Route. This artistic journey has led him to collaborate with iconic choreographers and directors. José ‘s choreographic talents extend to creating works for various dance companies. With a wealth of artistic references, curiosity, and vitality, he founded his own dance company in 2011. He was awarded the Choreographic Creation Scholarship from the Community of Madrid for “Solo” in 2006 and was a performer in the choreography “Pared con pared,” which won the 1st Prize at the VIII Stage Directors Competition in 2005, directed by Eva Moreno. Recently, José Merino was honored with the Best Director award at the 2022 Indifest Awards in Santander for his contribution to “Bendita Rutina.”


Florencio Campo is a director, choreographer, and dancer who has worked across a diverse array of disciplines and with various artists. He is a co-founder and director of the renowned company “Arrieritos,” known for pioneering the fusion of artistic languages. He achieved the 1st Prize at the Madrid Spanish and Flamenco Choreography Competition in 1992 and 1993. Florencio also served as co-director and scriptwriter for the production “13 Rosas,” which received recognition as the Best Theatrical Production Revelation at the Chivas Telón Awards (2007) and as the Best Dance Production at the International Theatre Fair of Huesca (2005). He was honored with the Max Award for Best Choreography and Best Dance Production in its 10th edition (2007). Florencio Campo has lent his choreographic talents to institutions and artists including the National Ballet of Spain, Teatro de la Zarzuela, Antonio Canales, Belén Maya, Isabel Bayón, Rafael Amargo, Ana Arroyo, Teresa Nieto, El Tinglao, La Machina Teatro, among others. His contributions extend to the realm of cinema, where he worked on “La Marcha Verde,” directed by José Luis García Sánchez.

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