Patio Casa de las Campanas

24 sept, 19:30h


Patio Casa de las Campanas

24 sept, 19:30h

“Our memory is actually an invention,
a narrative we rewrite with each passing day.”

Rosa Montero

“Gitanilla” is one of the most captivating tales of the patios, brought to life through the graceful interplay of movement and piano music. It narrates the story of a woman who, much like a flower, possesses both beauty and the ability to endure. She leaves an indelible mark along the path, representing a wisdom and love that only “Gitanilla,” a woman living within a patio’s blessed routine, can provide.

Moments of gatherings and routines that help individuals discover happiness and progress in a world that is perceived differently within the architectural heritage of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, such as this 14th-century Mudejar patio with Nasrid influences, exuding sublime charm.

This work, honored twice at Indefest 2022 for Best Direction and Best Male Performance, immerses us in the essence of the women inhabiting Cordovan patios. Their memories, emotions, strength, perseverance, delicacy, love for nature, spirit of sharing, and life experiences are artfully portrayed. Through two intense characters, presented in a tragicomic tone, it conjures an idealized past and a plausible present. Gitanilla is a gift that unveils the door to a concealed and unfamiliar world.

Prior to the concert, we will partake in a tasting of three gastronomic essentials that shine in both Cordovan and Mexican cuisine: a refined wine from the renowned, eco-conscious Bodegas Robles, a surprising mezcal or “cooked maguey” from the Entre Compas group, and the exquisite Iberian ham hailing from the Los Pedroches region, often dubbed the “Valley of acorns,” produced by the prestigious Agroiberica de Pozoblanco brand. These elements will escort us on an immersive journey, reminiscent of traditions past, accompanied by beautiful music and the indulgence of our senses.

24 sept, 19:30h

Ticket 18 euros + service fee

Patio Casa de las Campanas

It includes guided tasting of wine, mezcal, and Iberian ham

19:30h Guided Tasting
20:30h Concert

Programa musical

Live Performances: 

Fréderic Mompou
Canción y Danza 1.
Canción y Danza 6.
Jeunes filles au jardin.
Charmes: Pour penetrer les ames.
El Pont de Montjuic.


Recorded Music: 

David Lang
Cheating, lying, stealing.
The difficulty of crossing a field (interlude 2)

Krishna Levy
Le bel homme
Un debaut holeux

Información adicional

Caminantes Danzantes

| Pepa Sanz y José Merino,dance and interpretation
| Germán Barrio, piano 
| Pepa Sanz, Florencio Campo y José Merino, choreography
| Fréderic Mompou, David Lang y Krishna Levy, music
|  Rosa Montero, Griselda Ramos y Carol Sanz, texts
| Antonio García, conduct


*Exclusive product tasting | guided tasting of wine, mezcal, and Iberican ham offered by Bodegas Robles, Entre Compas, and Agroiberica.



Bodegas Robles: Francisco Robles
Agroibérica: José Martín
Entre Compas: Silvia Andrenacci


Tasting program

  • “Sparkling, semi-sweet and fine” by Bodegas Robles
    You will get to know the winery, the management of its organic vineyards with vegetal covers and what this contributes to the wines, as well as a tour of the traditional method wines to end by commenting on the organoleptic tasting (sight, aroma, flavor) of each of the broths that we will try. l sparkling Robles Brut Nature 18 months.
    1st tasting. Brut Nature sparkling wine from 100% Pedro Ximenez grapes 18 months.
    2nd tasting. Semisweet Whimsical Sweet
    3rd tasting. Fine Ecological Piedra Luenga
  • “Mezcal, the history of Mexico made liquid” by Entre compas
    We will learn what mezcal is, the correct way to drink it, discarding some myths about this drink and delving into the magical legends that surround this Mexican artisanal distillate.
  • “The ham from the land of acorns” by Jamón – Agroiberica
    The how and why of a process, a culture and a unique flavor in the world. The Iberian hams from the Pedroches region.


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