14th IPF Guadalquivir


Women, Heritage, Piano

Córdoba | 21st sep-1st oct
México | 1st and 3rd dic

Are you acquainted with the musical traditions of the Afro-Andalusian Caribbean’s three shores? Are you interested in delving into the rich musical heritage preserved by women for generations? Allow us to introduce you to the 14th IPF edition, arguably the most cosmopolitan and globally-oriented edition to date.

Embark on a unique journey where Córdoba and Mexico will be unveiled to you in unprecedented ways. Immerse yourself in the world of the piano and its multifaceted cultural contributions through exclusive sensory experiences, concerts, and events deeply rooted in architectural heritage.

We extend an invitation to partake in evenings graced by the warm hues of Caliphate sunsets, accompanied by the sounds of classical, oriental, flamenco, and jarocha music, all set against the mesmerizing backdrop of Córdoba’s Roman Bridge.

Indulge in the exceptional musical talents of renowned women artists, such as Alba Ventura, who will grace the stage at the Grand Theater of Córdoba, or the esteemed Spanish pianist Marta Zabaleta, collaborating with the Latin American Philharmonic Camerata in the awe-inspiring setting of the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba.

Delve into the historical tapestry of the enigmatic city of Medina Azahara, where the vibrant sounds of Andalusian music, curated by the deeply rooted and passionate María Dolores Gaitán, will resonate alongside the world’s preeminent qanun virtuoso, Maya Youssef.

And, before concluding our journey, we extend an invitation to join us in Mexico City, where you can experience the extraordinary Rosa Torres – Pardo on the piano, accompanied by the legendary National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico at the renowned Palace of Fine Arts, one of Latin America’s finest theaters.



14th edition of IPF Guadalquivir
Experience the enchantment of piano music, the power of women, and the cultural richness of two nations: Mexico and Spain.

5 UNESCO heritages
30 female artists
Over 11 concerts and 26 events

Dive into IPF
and enjoy the finest music with us!

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Piano, Culture, Heritage, History, Transformation

For the past 14 years, IPF Guadalquivir, in collaboration with the Cultural Association Guadalquivir Pianístico, its organizing body, has diligently worked to redefine the conventional classical concert format and to transform the city into a vibrant stage purposefully hosting specially curated performances for the occasion. These 14 years have been dedicated to sculpting a festival with a distinct identity, offering culturally enriching and immersive alternatives to the contemporary society.


It was in this way that, in the year 2010, María Dolores Gaitán, an internationally acclaimed pianist, took the visionary initiative to breathe life into a musical festival within her hometown of Córdoba, set against the majestic backdrop of the Guadalquivir River. Utilizing the piano as a conduit for intercultural dialogue and a catalyst for the younger generations, Gaitán founded IPF Guadalquivir. Since then, this prestigious event has continued to flourish, pioneering the creation of unparalleled spectacles that have transcended geographical boundaries, reaching cities like Milan, Jaén, Mexico City, and Madrid.


Experiencing IPF Guadalquivir means immersing yourself in a world of excellence where every detail matters, from the meticulous selection of thematic elements for each edition, the innovative curation of a diverse musical repertoire, the execution of spectacular stage productions, and the discerning choice of both tangible and intangible heritage as the backdrop for each concert. Our festival seamlessly integrates a plethora of disciplines and sectors, encompassing gastronomy, science, craftsmanship, fashion, exploration of diverse cultures and narratives, knowledge dissemination, and, of course, the exceptional talent of the artists who have graced our stage, elevating the cultural landscape of the city of Córdoba. 

Over its 14 editions, IPF Guadalquivir has accomplished several significant milestones

It has distinguished itself as the inaugural festival to introduce classical music to all four of Córdoba’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The festival was honored with the prestigious VIIIth Hasday Ibn Shaprut Prize in acknowledgment of its pioneering “Piano Móvil” initiative.

Recognized by Marca España (Spain Brand), it has earned acclaim as one of the world’s most innovative festivals and a global advocate for Iberian culture.

IPF Guadalquivir has successfully transformed Córdoba into a renowned epicenter for musical and piano culture, consistently filling monumental venues, amphitheaters, and grand theaters to capacity while delivering novel and captivating musical experiences to a diverse, international audience.


In addition to these achievements, this year marks a remarkable expansion as IPF Guadalquivir ventures into Mexico, embracing a fifth UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Palace of Fine Arts of Mexico City.

A new edition is set to enchant the city, inviting everyone to partake in a unique and exquisite musical experience. We are talking about a rendezvous with classical music and various piano-related styles, all in the context of cultural heritage.

We are talking about IPF Guadalquivir.

IPF Guadalquivir Venues

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Practical Information about the city IMTUR


How to acquire your tickets. Our events are divided into two categories: complimentary and paid. Comprehensive information regarding ticketing can be found within the description of each concert or event in the program. 

Complimentary concerts and events: Open access until seating capacity is reached.

Paid concerts and events: Within the event descriptions on our website, you will find a link to El Corte Inglés Córdoba’s ticketing platform. This platform allows you to select and purchase your preferred ticket, which you must present on the day of the event to gain entry. Alternatively, physical tickets can be acquired at El Corte Inglés outlets in Córdoba, Sevilla, Badajoz, and Jaén.

Please note that for the concert on September 22nd, “La Appassionata” by pianist Alba Ventura, held at the Grand Theater of Córdoba, you can purchase your tickets on the IMAE website or at the Grand Theater of Córdoba box office. You will find all this information within the details of each concert on our website as well.

Is there a minimum age requirement to attend IPF?

Access to the event is allowed independently for individuals aged 16 and above.

If I am under 16, can I still gain entry?

Admission is possible for those under 16, but they must be accompanied by an adult, and both individuals should possess their own tickets, following the standard entry procedure.

1.IPF Members

Becoming a member of IPF Guadalquivir offers valuable advantages, including substantial discounts on paid tickets, advance reservations, priority seating selection, expedited entry to concerts, access to the VIP area, attendance at exclusive events, and more.

How can I become a member?

Visit this link, select your membership category (ordinary, special, or honorary), and follow the provided instructions. Begin enjoying your privileges immediately.

2.Bonuses for all concerts with Experience packages

3.Music Students

Do music students receive any discounts? Yes, students and faculty members from the Conservatorio Profesional de Música Músico Ziryab (Professional Conservatory of Music “Músico Ziryab”) are entitled to a 15% discount on paid tickets. To avail of this discount, they must submit appropriate documentation to the organization. The entire process is outlined during the ticket purchase.

How can I access the event if I have reduced mobility?

Individuals with reduced mobility and their accompanying guests will receive access to the Reduced Mobility Zone (PRM). This designated area is equipped with seating for those in need.

May I bring more than one companion to the PMR zone?

No, the PRM zone is specifically reserved for individuals with reduced mobility and permits only one accompanying person.

What is the ticket price for individuals with reduced mobility?

The ticket price remains consistent, whether for individuals with reduced mobility or those without.

RENFE offers a 10% discount on train tickets purchased to attend the 14 FIP Guadalquivir, a discount that will be applicable to trains originating in or ending in Córdoba from September 21 to October 2, 2023.

To obtain your discount authorization you must send an email to info@guadalquivirpianistico.org. Tickets can be purchased on the website www.renfe.com (see tutorial) or by presenting the printed discount authorization at any Renfe point of sale (stations with in-person sales and travel agencies).

The discount will apply to AVE and Long Distance trains. Stops en route are not authorized, except in cases required to change trains. It is mandatory to present the printed “Discount Authorization” at the access control or to the Train Controller/Supervisor. The discount cannot be combined with any other commercial offer.

Equipo 14 Fip Guadalquivir

Founder and Director
María Dolores Gaitán

Manager México – España
Humberto M. Flores Gutiérrez

Consulting and Accounting
Irene Mesones

Director of Communications
Ana Rodriguez (Maria Vinagre)

Press Chief
Lucia Abad

Director of Special Events
Lisa Cazzola

Coordination and Production
Mari Ángeles Rodríguez
Elvira Gordo (Maria Vinagre)

Visual Director
Maria Luisa (Maria Vinagre)

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Secretary and Protocol
Estrella López Vera

Translation and Interpretation
Susana Ruiz

Plan A/B

Audiovisual Team
BF Producciones
UCO digital

Roldán Serrano

Gonzalo López

ACGP Team (Cultural Association Guadalquivir Pianístico)
Carmen García
Juani de Asís Calero
Ramona Sánchez
Carmen Peinado
Mari Feli Polo Navarro
Estrella Castro Ferrer

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* Los pianos elegidos para la celebración de este festival son pianos de la serie artesanal Yamaha y Bösendorfer con la colaboración de Royal Pianos.


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