Al ritmo del “mole”

Bodegas Mezquita

1 oct, 22:00h

Al ritmo del “mole”

Bodegas Mezquita

1 oct, 22:00h

Wine Pairing Dinner “Flavors of Mexico.”

Embark on a Culinary Journey at the Guadalquivir International Piano Festival!

We are excited to share some news that will tantalize your senses and make your spirits soar: the Wine Pairing Dinner that will crown the first phase of the Guadalquivir International Piano Festival in Spain! In this 14th edition, we have crafted an experience that celebrates both music and the culinary arts, and we are thrilled to present the details of this unforgettable evening.

A Fusion of Cultures: From Spain to Mexico | From Concert to Plate

Enjoy the finest music at the “Judith, la musa” concert at the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. Then, embark on a culinary journey to Mexico with a themed dinner specially created for IPF attendees by Bodegas Mezquita Corregidor.

We invite you on Sunday, October 1st, at 10:00 PM after the close of the festival concert, to the elegant setting of the Bodegas Mezquita Corregidor restaurant, located on the iconic 45 Corregidor Luis de la Cerda Street. This very special evening bridges the two stages of the festival, as the second part will unfold in Mexico in December. As a tribute to this cultural embrace, we have designed a Wine Pairing Dinner that encapsulates the richness of Mexican cuisine.

A Feast of Flavors and Traditions

The menu for this Wine Pairing Dinner has been masterfully conceived by Chef Juan Calzada, culinary leader of the Bodegas Mezquita group, in collaboration with the young and talented Mexican chef Jessica Fletes Suárez. Each dish tells a story of flavors and traditions, taking us on a sensory journey from Spain to Mexico. 

Our culinary journey begins with a Sinaloa Oyster, presented with a subtle fermented chili sauce and a refreshing passion fruit granita. Paired with a short Mezcalito cocktail.

Next, we will explore the authentic flavors of Mexico with an “Infladita de Maíz al Pastor”: a fried and puffed corn tortilla filled with succulent pastor-style pork, served with guacamole and charred pineapple. This dish will be harmonized with a Margarita a la Cordobesa cocktail, served long.

The culinary adventure continues with a dish that pays homage to Mexico’s colors and passion: Green, White, and Red Aguachiles. In this creation, butterfly prawns luxuriate in three distinct marinades: serrano chili, chiltepin, and tiger’s milk. It will be paired with a Baja California Chardonnay.

The pinnacle of our gastronomic experience arrives with the Beef Tenderloin with Oaxacan Mole and Sweet Potato Puree. This majestic combination of flavors, blending Oaxacan-style beef tenderloin with the distinctive touch of chocolate and sweet potato, will be accompanied by a Petit Syrah from L.A. Cetto in the Guadalupe Valley, Mexico.

To conclude this unforgettable journey, we will tantalize your senses with a Brownie with Touches of Chili and Raspberry Sorbet, a creation that merges Oaxacan chocolate with ancho chili, accompanied by raspberry sorbet to refresh the palate. It will be paired with a Michelada Negra cocktail, served long.

The wine pairing will be curated by our expert sommelier, Mara de Miguel, recognized as the Best Sommelier in Andalusia in 2022. Her expertise and passion ensure that each wine enhances the nuances of each dish, creating a symphony of flavors and aromas.

Please note that spaces for this Wine Pairing Dinner are limited, so we recommend booking in advance. The price per person is 40€, and we guarantee that this investment will provide you with a culinary experience that will linger in your memory. Please remember that the amount is non-refundable. The Pairing Dinner at Bodegas Mezquita Corregidor’s restaurant offers a unique opportunity to engage your senses and celebrate the fusion of music and gastronomy. We extend a warm invitation for you to join us in this evening of cultural and culinary delight, concluding the night of October 1st with exceptional music and flavors.

Complete Menu

Ostra Sinaloa (Sinaloa Oyster)
served with a fermented chili sauce and a passion fruit granita

Infladita de maíz al pastor
puffed corn tortilla filled with succulent pastor-style pork
served with guacamole and charred pineapple.

Aguachiles verde, blanco y rojo (Green, White, and Red Aguachiles)
butterfly prawns marinated in three different sauces:
serrano chili, chiltepil, and tiger’s milk.

Lomo de vaca con mole Oaxaqueño y puré de camote (Beef Tenderloin with Oaxacan Mole and Sweet Potato Puree)
Oaxacan-style beef tenderloin with a touch of chocolate and sweet potato.

Brownie con toques de chile y sorbete de frambuesa (Brownie with Touches of Chili and Raspberry Sorbet)
Oaxacan chocolate brownie with ancho chili

1 oct, 22:00h

Dinner cost per person: 40 euros

Bodegas Mezquita


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