Morimoto Sisters


It is a vocal duo composed of Satomi and Emiko Morimoto, two Japanese sisters, who incorporate music from both the east and the west into their shows, delivered at an exceptional level thanks to their prodigious voices and virtuosity on the piano. Soprano Emiko Morimoto holds a degree from the Tokyo College of Music, and her extensive resume includes a third-place finish in the Asian Classical Music Concert competition in Tokyo in 2003. She has been awarded scholarships from the Rosa Sabater Foundation and the Hazen Hosseschueders Foundation in 2005, as well as the Richard Stapley Educational Trust in 2005 and 2008. Emiko has also graced audiences with her performances in various European and Asian countries. 

On the other hand, the pianist and soprano, Satomi Morimoto, holds a degree from the Tokyo University of Arts and Music and completed a Master’s Degree of Music at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama at The City University of London. Throughout her extensive musical career, Satomi has held numerous solo concerts with orchestras, composed for soundtracks, worked as a studio musician, and demonstrated her musical versatility by recording ten albums with the fusion jazz ensemble ST Fusion. Their third album earned national recognition as the best jazz album of 2010 at the UFI (Independent Phonographic Union) Awards. Additionally, as a solo artist, she released the album “Orient no Kaze” (2008).

Together, they unveiled their eponymous debut album “Morimoto Sisters” in 2010, followed by their sophomore release “Two” in 2015.

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