It is said that Medina Azahara would not have shone as we know it today if women like Lubna, Radiya, Kitman, Muzna, Aisha, Subh, Muryan, or Wallada had not existed within its walls. Azahara, the Medina, is perhaps the concert of this edition that most contemporaneously brings us closer to classical music. We are discovering our history and heritage from a truly fresh and feminine perspective.

María Dolores Gaitán and Maya Youssef, both brilliant women, young and celebrated with the highest international accolades, have performed with the world’s most prestigious orchestras, receiving awards both at home and abroad. Above all, given by an intense interest in modernizing established norms, they will present a performance of unique exoticism, showcasing the continued relevance of classical music and its roots in an extraordinary dialogue between past and present, as expressed through their instruments.

We will witness the world premiere of María Dolores Gaitán’s new album, “Alhajas”, inspired by a modern interpretation of Andalusian music. Joining her is the BBC-recognized “Queen of the Qanun,” Maya Youssef. Under the enchantment of Medina Azahara and the richness of the three cultures, they will breathe new life into the past’s golden era. An imaginary journey through time that will make us feel the strength, intelligence, delicacy, and passion of the women of the “brilliant city.”

The program features several noteworthy compositions, including Dia Succari’s “La Nuit du Destin,” which draws from musical transliterations dating back to the 8th century, inspired by Arab “maqam.” There is also Danilo Lorenzini’s “Hebrew Rhapsody” based on the synagogue chants of Maimonides, featuring the theme Yigdal Elohim, upon which the thirteen principles of the Jewish religion are based. And, of course, the poetic and  widely known “Scheherazade” by Korsakov, inspired by the Eastern tales of the “One Thousand and One Nights.”

30 sept, 20:30h

Ticket prices: 25 euros + service fee

Yacimiento Arqueológico Medina Azahara

Programa musical

Claude Debussy 
Selection preludes
La puerta del vino
La terrasse des audience du Clair de lune
Piano solo

Maya Youssef 
An invitation to daydream
Kanún solo

Dia Succari
La nuit du Destin
Piano solo

Danilo Lorenzini
Rapsodia hebréa
Piano & kanún duo

Isaac Albéniz
Zambra granadina “Danza oriental”
Piano  & percusión

Maya Youssef
Samai of trees
Kanun & percusión
Silver lining
Piano, kanún & percusión

Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov
IV mov. »Festival at Baghdad»
Piano soloist

Maya Youssef
Soul Fever
Piano, kanún & percusión

Información adicional

The pianist wears: Jewelry by Ana Martina and Clothing by Telas Vicente.



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